Technology, Resources and Insurance

Mark possesses the technology and technical resources to serve lawyers and other clients wherever they may be located. This includes a high-end computer, two high speed printers, a high-speed document scanner, Adobe Professional software (allows Bates stamping of documents among other things), state of the art case management software, telephone numbers (including an 800 number) that route directly to Mark’s personal cell phone.

Mark also has an unlimited subscription to Lexis/Nexis for both New York and North Carolina case law, statutes, administrative codes and other legal source materials. We also have access to Fastcase legal research software for all fifty states., as well as unlimited access to Shepard’s citation service.

For some projects there is no substitute for pulling digests, statutes and other materials from the shelves of a well-equipped law library. Mark lives five minutes from the UNC Chapel Hill law library allowing him easy access to the legal source materials maintained there.

Under most legal malpractice insurance policies, the work performed by a freelance lawyer will be covered under the assigning attorney’s malpractice policy. Leaving nothing to chance, Mark carries his own malpractice insurance with limits of $1,000,000.00.

Unlike most freelance lawyers, Mark does not charge for time spent on Lexis/Nexis. We consider this an element of our overhead and not something our clients should have to pay for.