Representative Results

  • $8.7 million (recovered for two workers burned in an industrial arc flash incident and resultant dust explosion).

  • $6.2 million (worker suffers severe electrical burns when owner of substation negligently energizes substation without informing worker).

  • $5 million (child suffers heart damage after physicians and nurses allow infected central line to remain in patient following surgery)

  • $2 million (recovered on behalf of family whose two sons were killed by electrocution when the mast of their sailboat contacted overhead power lines with inadequate clearances).

  • $1.225 million (elderly nursing home resident dies from complications arising from a massive undiagnosed and untreated fecal impaction).

  • $1.03 million (patient suffers vision loss after botched LASIK procedure).

  • $1 million (recovered for the family of a woman who died in apartment fire when smoke detectors failed to operate and alert her of the fire).

  • $650,000 (patient dies of respiratory arrest following over-prescription of narcotic pain medication).

  • $650,000 (recovered in negligent security action on behalf of restaurant employee who was shot while making deposit at night depository).

  • $600,000 (recovered in third party action arising out of murder of hotel clerk at national chain during robbery).

  • $600,000 (worker is murdered on the job due to inadequate workplace security).

  • $600,000 (recovered for worker in third party action who suffered arm amputation while attempting to repair defective conveyor belt at industrial facility owned by third party).

  • $500,000 (worker suffers severe shock while attempting to rescue coworker)

  • $500,000 (nursing home resident dies after receiving improper dosage of chemotherapy medication).

  • $400,000 (recovered for elderly patient who died after receiving overdose of narcotic pain medication).

  • $380,000 recovered for the family of an elderly woman who died in a nursing home due to a severe infection caused by an untreated bedsore).

  • $350,000 (recovered in third party action against contractor on construction site when worker fell through unguarded opening in floor).

  • $210,000 (recovered for death of mentally disabled patient who suffocated when she became caught in bedrails in a skilled nursing facility).

DISCLAIMER: These verdicts and settlements were recorded over a period of ten years. In publishing these results, we do not represent that every case they have handled over the course of the past ten years has concluded on such favorable terms, nor should these results be taken as a guarantee for future success. We have been very successful in collecting funds on favorable verdicts. The reported results all involved complex legal issues, and liability and damages were contested by the defendants. The defendants in all reported cases were represented by legal counsel. Of course, the outcome of a particular case cannot be predicated upon our past results.