Rates, Billing and Payment

We bill for our services by the hour. Mark’s hourly rate is $100 per hour for most projects, with an additional hourly surcharge for rush work (projects that must be completed in five days or less) and assignments that must be completed over a weekend. Mark provides a detailed budget and cost estimate on every assignment and will not exceed that estimate without prior authorization from the client. We appreciate that many cases, especially smaller matters, have a limited budget. We will work with our clients to arrive at a budget conscious strategy in such cases.

Invoices are submitted to the client on the first day of the month and are due and payable within thirty days. We will provide a detailed, itemized invoice to avoid misunderstandings between the end client and the lawyer who has retained Mark to perform the work.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, invoices will be submitted by email. Mark accepts all major methods of payment including e-checks, wire transfers, credit cards, PayPal and good old- fashioned checks. Unlike many freelance lawyers, we do not add surcharges for payment forms that charge a percentage or fee. We consider that part of our overhead.